How can Joseph Moore Properties help Tenants?

We keep tenants abreast of local market conditions to their advantage.

We gather in-depth detail on your home, schedule tours and point out the advantages and possible drawbacks of your property.

We negotiate a contract that considers your goals and leads to a successful closing.

We simplify your search if you’re looking for a specific place by helping you to define your home and neighborhood criteria.

Joseph Moore Properties will work with you in drafting an appropriate offer and will represent you when presenting it to the seller.

We identify available properties that meet the client’s criteria whether they are listed under Joseph Moore properties or not.

We screen property and home listings daily and therefore we will frequently alert you of homes that match your criteria.

We provide tenants (on request) with a personal concierge that they can deal with at all times, for all requests. Your lifestyle manager will learn your tastes and know exactly what you need, portraying our proactive nature.

We help tenants arrange their holidays, recommend and book restaurants both locally and internationally, source ticketing for the tickets for theater concerts and VIP events and advice clients on a range of lifestyle services.

We communicate with tenants the terms of conditions of selling and renting our properties.

We provide car rental services for tenants and plan perfect getaways. We do all this with the client taste in mind.

We have a 24 – hour emergency customer service line to handle any emergency request from organizing transport, finding 24 – hour medical services or last minute booking requests. Our specialist will always go the extra mile to assist the client in whatever way they can.

We provide our clients with information on schools, communities, churches, recreational facilities and restaurants, shopping malls night clubs and other related services they will need.